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TCE Foreword

Since the Dr.Pembarton's great invention in 1886, "Cola" have been the most popular softdrink in history. Now they spread out all over the world and successfully settled down in many nations of various cultures, races, histories, and even of ideologies.

Cola also showed their great ability of adopting itself to circumstances and many different styles have been developed in different countries. In U.S., for instance, cola with cherry flavor is quite popular, while Japanese rather prefer one with citrus taste. In Australia many kinds of alcohol-cola are sold in liquor shop and in China they often serve room-temperature cola even on the airplane. There is no doubt that Cola is one of the most diverse kind of softdrink.

This website, The Cola Encyclopedia(TCE), is designed to introduce information and to study about this fascinating beverage. TCE is consist of following four parts.

1. Cola Database
Our database enrolls 360+ different kinds of colas form 40 nations and areas. You can see photos, name of authorities, prices where to buy, and more details info for each cola. There is also impressions of how each cola tastes like, but this part hasn't translated into English yet.
World Map
Countries and areas covered by our collection

2. Cola Museum
You can see cola-related information in this site. All the results of our studies are also reported here. To establish "Colalogy" is our final destination. Now most of the part is in Japanese, but we are trying hard to translate them in English.
3.Cola The Hall of Fame
From 300 candidates, only the most impressive colas can be a member of The Hall of Fame of Cola. You can enjoy dozen of unique and interesting colas form database. Coming soon!
4.Cola journal
Cola journal is a webzine(magazine on website) published every 3 months. It include fresh cola-related topics. Japanese Only.

This site is powered by authors' slanted enthusiasm and excessive love for cola and this is perfectly non-commercial homepage.(Please DO NOT ORDER COLA here). We are not can-trader either, so we cannot answer any offer of can trading(if there is cola in can, there are exceptions).

Any comment, opinion and question is always welcome. We are greatly interested in cola-related info from abroad.

So enjoy the world of cola!


The authors thank the following people for their great contributions to our homepage.

Masaaki Kanao        Izumi Kuwahara      Syoko Suzuki
Takashi Dowaki       Kiyoshi Tokuoka     Tomiko Nakamoto
Kumiko Ninomiya      Ryu Hariki          Hitoshi Kaiho
Ryohei Koyama        Misato Endo         Takashi Higashihara
Toshiyuki Takahashi  Ichiro Kuroda       Eriko Kizu
Shinya Yamaguchi     Ai Hirano           Masaki Yamamoto
Susumu Iguchi
Jerri and Forbes Bottomly
James Suzuki         X.C. from Holland
Mark Stubbs          Rick Tredway
William Stubbs       Debbie Ryan
Lead off Japan, Co. Ltd.
Tominaga Shokuhin, Co. Ltd.
Liquor Shop Iritani

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