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Last updated on April 20, 2002 - 400 cola products in database
[Past Topics!]

[02/13/2002] PEPSI to launch spring campaign with Ichiro

[01/13/2002] 11 colas added to database

[12/13/2001] Ichiro signed with PEPSI for 2002 promotion

[11/25/2001] PEPSI released SNOOPY X'mas Cans in Japan

[10/30/2001] Coke released HARRY POTTER can in Japan

[10/07/2001] Coke issued second "No Reason" promo bottle

[09/02/2001] 13 colas added to database

[08/04/2001] Coke launched JPIII campaign with dinosaur giveaways

[07/08/2001] PEPSI Gearing Up for PLANET OF THE APES

[07/08/2001] Coke offers summer promos with LEVI'S, Sony and PEUGEOT


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