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Year 2002

[02/13/2002] PEPSI to launch spring campaign with Ichiro

[01/13/2002] 11 colas added to database

Year 2001

[12/13/2001] Ichiro signed with PEPSI for 2002 promotion

[11/25/2001] PEPSI released SNOOPY X'mas Cans in Japan

[10/30/2001] Coke released HARRY POTTER can in Japan

[10/07/2001] Coke issued second "No Reason" promo bottle

[09/02/2001] 13 colas added to database

[08/04/2001] Coke launched JPIII campaign with dinosaur giveaways

[07/08/2001] PEPSI Gearing Up for PLANET OF THE APES

[07/08/2001] Coke offers summer promos with LEVI'S, Sony and PEUGEOT

[06/03/2001] 14 colas added to database

[06/03/2001] Coffee met Cola in Japan

[05/13/2001] Coke added "Bottle Can" to line-up

[04/28/2001] PEPSI to issue "Paradise" bottle Cans

[04/28/2001] Coke tied up with Final Fantasy X

[04/28/2001] PEPSI's "PEANUTS" campaign

[03/20/2001] PEPSI to revive "PEPSI Challange" in Japan

[01/21/2001] 12 colas added to database

Year 2000

[12/18/2000] PEPSI's "Good Bye the 20th Century" Art Can On Sale

[12/07/2000] Coke Issued Millennium Christmas Can in Japan

[12/07/2000] diet PEPSI WOMAN toko-toko Can Helper

[09/18/2000] Database section was updated

[09/18/2000] PEPSI to start new PEPSI-MAN campaign from September

[07/10/2000] Travis Charest designed new can for PEPSI

[06/22/2000] 12 more colas in our Database

[06/03/2000] PEPSI started "HAPPY PEPSI CAN" campaign

[05/29/2000] PEPSI-MAN Returns! PEPSI Started the 3rd PEPSI-MAN Bottle Cap Campaign.

[05/26/2000] Coke's FF Commemorative Bottle now available

[05/26/2000] Coke's secondary FF campeign comes with trading card

[05/26/2000] PEPSI Millennium SW Prize! 2000 CELEBRATION C-3PO

[04/23/2000] Coke launched campaign with FF figure giveaways

[03/20/2000] PEPSI launched 4th STAR WARS campaign!

[03/17/2000] The Cola Encyclopedia URL changed

[03/17/2000] Coke ties up with Final Fantasy

[03/06/2000] Coca-Cola Japan to releace new design can from March

Year 1999

[12/17/1999] 15 more colas added in database

[12/14/1999] Coke Cerebrate Millenium with Commemorative Bottle

[12/14/1999] R2-D2 CAN HOLDER From PEPSI SW Campeign

[11/24/1999] Coca-Cola 1999 X'mas Edition released in Japan

[11/21/1999] JOLT released Cherry Cola in U.S.

[10/25/1999] New-Age Cola booming in North America

[10/22/1999] RC Returns! "RC DRAFT COLA" now available in Japan

[08/14/1999] "Harrier Suit" decided in PEPSI's favor

[08/14/1999] 7 more colas added in database section

[08/06/1999] PEPSI S.W. Bottle Cap Campaign Returns

[07/28/1999] PEPSI "S.W. Bottle Cap Collection" Campaign ends with triumph

[07/06/1999] Diet Coca-Cola now available in Japan

[06/24/1999] PEPSI '99 Spring Campaign review

[06/17/1999] PEPSI Japan began STAR WARS campagin

[06/09/1999] WHY NOT? Virgin Japan's life-time giveaways

[06/09/1999] MUJI reduced homebrand cola in price

[05/21/1999] Coke launched new domestic campaign "Live the moment"

[05/08/1999] 10 new and 3 modified items on database

[04/25/1999] Virgin's Launch Event at Shinjuku

[03/29/1999] Virgin's second challenge in Japan

[03/20/1999] "MEMORY OF TITANIC" campaign by LAWSON and Coca-Cola

[03/10/1999] 350ml PET bottle comes from Coca-Cola Japan

[02/13/1999] 7 new and 13 modified items on database

[02/03/1999] Feel the PREMIUM STRONG QUALITY with afri-cola!

[01/16/1999] The Coca-Cola Company will directly make an investiment to a Japanese bottler. (Japanese)

[01/08/1999] Virgin Cola meets POKKA at Okinawa! (Japanese)

Year 1998

[12/26/1998] Coca-Cola released X'mas and World Cup editions in China (Japanese)

[12/26/1998] 10 new and 14 modified items on database (Japanese)

[12/14/1998] Free Pepsiman bottle-cap with 500ml PET bottle in Japan (Japanese)

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